Monday, April 16, 2012

Peace in the Promise of a New Day

The daily rising of the sun is perhaps as close to magic as we get on this earth. I'm talking about those minutes when soft rays of light pierce through the darkness of night to cast a whisper of dawn on a misty, dewy world.  The birds herald the day, but we often miss these precious moments, head down in our pillow, our mind lost to a dream.

Today, I launch a little blog in anticipation of a joyful event that is soon to dawn, soon to make a debut in the world.  It's not likely to be noticed except by those same persons who hear the warbling of the morning songbirds, but it a magical moment for me - I will soon publish my first book, which is in the final stages of preparation before I spring it on the world.  

It all started as a lark, this writing thing.  One day when I wasn't feeling well, I discovered Pride and Prejudice fanfiction.  After reading two and a half works by other people, I decided on a whim to give it a whirl as a way to get back into writing - for my own pleasure.  I discovered that others took pleasure in what I was writing as well, and (hopefully) sometime in May 2012, my book "One Thread Pulled" will be available to the masses.  Well, it's actually available to the masses today if you know where to look - but not in book form yet.  

Sunrise at Pemberley (my blog) debuts today - there will be lots of obsessing about Mr. Darcy in the coming posts, but I will cover other topics too - never let it be said that I have a one-track mind!



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