Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Power of Putting it Out There

One of the great things about Pride and Prejudice is the incredible insight Jane Austen has into human nature.  Her characters sparkle - they remind us just a bit of people we know, and maybe even a little bit of ourselves.  It is their motivations however, that I find myself reflecting on over and over again.  Especially when it comes down to the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy, of the declarations we make interacting with the universe to somehow to deliver us that which we most desire.  If you pay close attention early on in the story, you can have no doubt about what is to come, for almost every character clearly lays out what they want.  These people put their hopes and dreams out there in a big way, and for the most part, they came true.

Elizabeth wished to marry for love, but for him to be a man of means who would take her without concern for her lack of fortune.
Jane wished for a man who was amiable, and who would give her family some degree of financial insurance against the looming disaster of the entail.
Mrs. Bennet wised to marry off her daughters, and marry them off to rich men.
Mary - oh, she is a tragedy.  She wished for things of course, but she never really said them aloud, and so her fondest dreams were relegated to nothingness.  She didn't put them out there!
Lydia - wished more than anything to marry an officer.
Mr. Bingley - wished to establish himself in society, and find himself 'an angel' of a wife.
Mr. Darcy - wished to marry Elizabeth Bennet.
Mr. Bennet - wished for peace and quiet.
Mr. Wickham - wished to be Darcy's brother.
There are more, but you get the idea.

When you think about it, the universe really did deliver!  Consider Mr. Darcy's wish to marry Elizabeth Bennet.  It begins as a simple attraction, but somehow, through coincidental forces, she shows up again and again, as though she is being served up to him on a silver platter - to torment him at first, but eventually he falls in love with her.  In proposing to her, he puts it out there - clumsily, badly, puts it out there.  Even though he blows it in round 1 however, he gets a second chance when once again through a coincidence of proximity and timing Elizabeth is literally delivered by the Gardiners to his very doorstep - his home turf!  Score a point for the universe.

Now I know of course, that these are fictional characters in a fictional story and that Jane Austen contrived every single bit of it, but it is surprising to me how often I have experienced this phenomenon in my own life.  Our words - the ones we audibly speak - have a powerful boomerang effect and they can come back to us in surprising ways.  Give life to your dreams - utter them aloud - shout them, repeat them and then watch for the universe to deliver opportunities for you to act on.  Don't forget to use this to serve your fellow men - lots of blessings flow when the desires of our heart are pure.

It's a beautiful day when our dreams start to come true!



  1. Liked your article here. Many years ago I had a folder in which I collected poems, thoughts etc and I looked at it every day. The cover was from a movie scene from The song of Norway... Where have I ended up? Where do I live? That scene is right outside my door. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  2. Jeanne, that is a beautiful example! I think I'm going to get me a folder and put a photo of a cabin in the mountains on it - that's where I want to live!

  3. Dear Diana,

    I'm so happy that you opened a blogg of yourself. Now I can see who entertained me weekly on P&P FanFiction Net. I am so excited that OPT would be available on Amazon, and extra excited because a sequel is ready to materialize. Without flattering I confess you're a philosopher too, not only an excellent writer. This article gave me a thing to my thoughts; and I believe I will try to follow the message in "The Power of Putting it Out There." I thank you for that and Jeanne's as well for the good idea of making a personal folder. In the end, I wish I could have your personal autograph in my own copy of OPT (bought via Amazon), would you grant me one, if I sent you the book?


    1. Denisia, thank you for your kind note - I am also very excited about getting OTP up on Amazon. The only hold-up at this point is the book cover - my model is wrapping up finals at the university, the photographer is amazingly talented so one has to book her a ways in advance and the graphic artist has gone to Italy for a few weeks, so we won't be doing the shoot until the second week in May. Once the cover is done, I should be able to have a sense of a publish date. I would be happy to sign your copy - contact me again once we get to that point and we'll make the arrangements!