Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peace Gardens as English Country Garden

The book-cover is on it's way.  Yes...that book cover!  One Thread Pulled: The Dance with Mr. Darcy is the name in case you forgot it (or never knew it), and we are closing in on finalizing the last big obstacle to publication.

When I say closing in, what I mean is that we have had the photo-shoot - step one in the process.  The photographer, Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen, is a phenomenal talent - she's primarily a wedding photographer, so I'm lucky that she agreed to step outside her typical genre to help me with the image for the book cover.  The model in the role of Elizabeth Bennet is my own lovely daughter.  I dressed her up in a pretty empire-waist dress and styled her hair in a ringlet-y updo.  We brought along some fun Regency period props to play with.  I very much wanted a "real" person for the cover rather than stock photography.  I am so glad we went this route.

The evening was breezy, so her curls were tossed to and fro by the wind until her hair was a little mussed-up - just as I imagine Elizabeth's would be.  The park was bathed in the soft light of a spring evening.  We were at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City.  The park is full of old trees and ivy-covered brick and stone structures, hedges, bridges, stone benches, and an arbor of wisteria in full bloom.  There are far too many architectural structures to detail, but I think this little spot is one of the jewels of our city, and it's free to the public!  It will have to do as an English country garden since it just wasn't in the budget to fly us all out to England.  

The book cover itself is to be a surprise, but as a teaser - just a little taste of what you might expect to see on the upcoming cover, I am going to share just a couple of images with you.  The first one has the title of this blog on it - the second is a sweet little sepia-toned photo of lovely Lizzy.  I hope these will help you share my excitement for the upcoming release of the book, which will hopefully happen sometime this month.  In the meantime, you can still read the story for free on darcyandlizzy.com or fanfiction.net.  

And yes, the sequel, Constant as the Sun is underway - I won't be posting it until after the wedding, but sometime this summer, the fun will begin anew!



  1. I loved reading One Pulled Thread on Fanfiction.net and look forward to purchasing your book. Will it also be available on Kindle? I think it is very important to support authors such as yourself who post their stories online as they are being written. I encourage others who have read One Pulled Thread to purchase the published material.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Barb! Yes, it will be available on Kindle shortly after it is available as a paperback.

  2. Looking forward to publication, Diana! You are a talented writer and I'm glad the modern world provides a way for you to share.

    1. Thanks Robin - your encouragement means a lot to me.