Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to Writing Again

It seems that a plot will only buzz around in my head for so long before it forces itself out.  I find that sometimes, a slight delay in committing it all to words enriches what I write - it has been given time to ripen in my mind and develops a deeper, richer meaning from my pondering and reflection, but if I stall too long, yikes!  What a mess it is!  

I think a good analogy is frosting on a cake.  When the cake is baked, you have to let it cool for awhile before you add the frosting, or you wind up tearing the thing up.  Once it's cooled and you've frosted it though, LET IT BE.  If you keep going at it, the frosting texture changes, or the thickness becomes uneven or you break up the little crust that forms on the surface and then you get a weird texture and appearance.  You have to time it all right.

And the timing is right.  My daughter's wedding is over, and the plot for the second book in the series, Constant as the Sun has gelled enough to start assembling the cake that is the sequel.  Okay, I recognize that the cake analogy only goes so far, but I have had this happen before.  When the timing is right, it all just flows, and I am FLOWING again. 

One of the big changes from this story from the first in the series is that we are now on a completely separate timeline from the one Jane Austen established in Pride and Prejudice, and we'll be introducing new original characters.  There is a pretty intense string of events lined up already - Charlotte's wedding, Mary's wedding, an Easter trip to Pemberley and all of the soirees and balls of the London season must come and go before we can reach our conclusion.  I can promise just as many unexpected twists and turns in this story as you had in the last.  If you like fluffy romance combined with some suspense and surprise, I hope you'll join my other readers for this journey.  I plan to post regularly!

I'm excited this time around to have found two beta readers, Kris and Betty.  They'll help me work out the lumps in the icing (why am I so fixated on cake?)  I look forward to their assistance and expect it to enrich the writing experience for me overall.

The first chapter of the sequel, Constant as the Sun is now up on two sites:

To read it at Darcy and Lizzy, you need to be a registered member of the site, but FFN is an open site and you can read without registering.   Here is a brief description of the story:

When Elizabeth accepted Mr. Darcy's proposal of marriage, Mr. Bennet complicated his consent with a condition, known only to himself and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth must spend the season in London, associating with the first circles of society as Mr. Darcy's fiancee. If Elizabeth is unhappy with the experience, Mr. Bennet will withdraw his consent. Will their love withstand the test?

I will be taking One Thread Pulled off of both sites in early July, so if you are reading it and haven't finished it yet, this is your heads-up to get it done sooner than later.  Of course, you will always be able to buy it from Amazon once it goes on sale there.  Anyone who buys a hard copy that would like it signed, I am happy to work that out.  Just sayin...


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  1. Thank you so much for the forewarning that you'll be removing the first story from the boards in July! I'll update my rec for your story to mention that, and will watch for your amazon link, so that I can include it on my post, too.